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Learn Local SEO from the Experts

Google Business

Create or Claim Your Google Business Listing

This is the beginning of Local SEO. You must be found on Google in the maps pack if you want leads for your local business.

Fill it out 100%

It’s scary to see listings without even as much as a profile picture. Ain’t no one clickin’ on dat!

Consider Business Categories

Some are more straightforward than others. Pick the correct primary category and add sub-categories.

Set Up GSC

Google Search Console will be a staple tool that you’ll use throughout attempting to rank.

Set Up Google Analytics

This allows you to see traffic to your site, their sources, and create custom goals to record leads.

Google's Going Mobile

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, the chances you ranking are the same as you getting a date tonight – NIL.

Business Citations

Start with Main Ones

Yelp and Bing are a cakewalk to get, and are important to search engines for trust.

Create/Claim Directory Listings

It’s scary to see listings without even as much as a profile picture. Ain’t no one clickin’ on dat!

Get Social

You may wonder why a plumbing business needs to have social media. Create accounts whether you use them a ton or not. Boom.

Keep 'em Consistent, Y'all

Make sure your NAP info is exactly the same on your site along with anywhere else your business is listed.

Niche Down

You might be surprised how many directories there are for your specific industry.

Get Reviews & Testimonials

Provide Excellent Service

If you’re selling shady shiz or doing a poor job, poor local reviews & press will eventually catch up to you.

Reviews on Site

Online reviews can be frustrating, but one thing is for sure: Consumers use them all the time, and that’s not changing anytime soon. Display them on your website!

Create a Review Strategy

If you plan to fail you fail to…. something something something. Anyway, if you’re not deliberate in obtaining reviews, your competitors are.

Content & Links

Regular Content

Maybe you don’t need daily or even weekly posts in your industry, but study your competitors and one-up their content.

Backlinks Matter

Organic and Local Google algorithms are baked together more and more now, so make sure to grab backlinks from relevant sites. Local and Industry are best.

Get Social

You may wonder why a plumbing business needs to have social media. Create accounts whether you use them a ton or not. Boom.

On-Page SEO

Permalink Structure

Your url needs to be short and to the point. With WordPress, it’s easy to set up your permalinks and nest pages under relevant topics or higher pages. Use keywords, but don’t stuff, you idiot.

Title Tags

It’s easy to forget something like this, but don’t underestimate its importance. Title tags need to be relevant, personal, and include your keywords in a natural way.

Image Optimization

This isn’t something that you should spend hours and hours doing, but it could be that one small thing that your competitors fail to do.

Use Schema Markup

Putting this metadata on your site helps Google understand what your site is about and improves your chances of ranking.

Redirects & Sitemaps

Check for redundant redirects or those that don’t make sense. You can use them effectively to point users to better content while preserving site integrity.

Silo & Site Structure

Is your site easy to navigate? Does the “flow” make sense to users? Learn silo-ing techniques to target important pages.

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