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Reputation Management

Here is a something that may grab your attention:

” All it takes is just one negative post made about your business or your name has the potential to signifigantly decrease your annual sales rate by over 20%! ”

We can help you..

We will Completely Remove & Hide Negative Feedback that Affects Your Company & Make Favorable Posts Rank Higher, Resulting in a Considerable Improvement in Sales & Brand Reputation!”

Reputation Restoration Management Services

Imagine working really hard on your business & make it the point where you now have a consistantly stable income. Now imagine a misleading,slandering post made by a disgruntled customer that is now showing up in the search listings, right next to your company’s name.

With the advent of the internet, anyone can anonymously post misleading reviews about your company without even having to prove there statement.

This “loophole” can result in your competitors tarnishing your company’s reputation, in order to further their personal gains. What is stopping your competitors from “badmouthing” you & or your company when all they have to do is write a bad review about you and promote it a little bit?

It is understood that the internet allows consumers to easily compare products or services with competitors in order to find the best deal. If that was not problematic enough in limiting your profit potential, customers now have the chance to check out your company’s online reputation in under a half a minute.

It is a fact that companies, online or offline, have lost millions over millions of dollars in sales because they could not keep negative feedback “out of public’s eye”.

How should you react & respond to such customer feedback?

You can either try to ignore such reviews in hope that no one will see them. Or you can try to improve your products or service so that the good reviews outweigh the bad ones.

But there is another option.

You can literally “eliminate” the bad reviews altogether.

How do you do that?
The answer is simple: Through our reputation restoration management.

The Reputation Restoration Management Process

Our reputation management service helps you in moving questionable reviews/posts from the first page of search engine results and burying them deep inside the SERPs.To be lost forever.

This has the same effect as eliminating the questionable posts and improving your online reputation since only 10% of searches view any listings on page 3 or below.

Our Reputation Management Method

Our method for managing reputation is focused on a two pronged approach:

  1. We first try to move bad reviews off of page 1 by popularizing any good reviews your company might have.
  2. We also create positive feedback content for you and promote it so this new content shows up along your company’s listings and engulfs negative listings.

This process is highly specialized and any firm trying to do this in-house normally ends up aggravating the problem.We keep everythin quiet & slowely remove & replace positioning..

Our Reputation Management Service is For

Our reputation management service is available for nearly anyone who is faced with negative reviews which are directly affecting their business. In particular, if you are any of these, our service is especially catered to you:

- Webmasters: Ever searched for your own company in search engines and seen bad reviews on page one? Our service will remove these reviews from page 1.

- Lawyers: A lawyer’s reputation is all he/she has in order to remain competitive. If you are a lawyer and are faced with negative reviews directed at your name or your firm, we would be happy to remove the negative listings.

- Celebrities: If you are a celebrity and would like certain feedback to be removed from public’s scrutiny, we would be happy to use our specialized method in order to do so.

Reputation Management Process – Our Secret Sauce

Our main aim is to remove questionable posts which are affecting your company. Towards that end, we use many different avenues which provide us with a comprehensive strategy:

Blog posts: We use a variety of high ranking blogs in order to write positive feedback for your company. Because the blogs are high PR, they pass a lot of link juice, which simply means that these blog posts will start ranking highly and “engulf” any bad posts made against your company.

Forum posts and discussions: We use forums in order to create additional posts and to gauge feedback. Forums are also used as a way to create more backlinks towards any good posts your company might have, making them rank higher.

- Social media: If required, we would use Facebook and Twitter in order to further increase your brand exposure and make favorable posts rank higher.

- Press Releases: If required, we will use paid press releases to improve your brand quality. Press releases are syndicated many times, which dramatically increases their exposure.

RSS feeds & aggregation: We also use RSS feeds to help you dominate search engine listings using the right posts for your keyword terms.

Social bookmarking: We use a sophisticated scheme of social bookmarking websites in order to quickly promote favorable posts, in order to get them to rank higher.

Micro sites: If required, we use a list of micro sites, created specially for the purpose of hosting favorable reviews, in order to make them rank higher faster. Most micro-sites are exact match domains.

SEO and link building: Most of the process revolves around SEO and link building which is the main technique used in order to change the search results in your favor.